moonman is a rapper who trolls the shoutbox on the daily. he was born in 1988.

he is considering a 2016 Bellmanian presdidential run aiming to replace incumbent Isaac Bellman.

Music Career Edit

Moonman raps about killing blacks and jews. he says "emo niggers are the worse". he has taken fire from AT&T for this reason.

Political Views Edit

he believes that white is the master race and that a new Reich shall be founded. his security policy is "a gun on every roof a ape on every street post"

As Belo Edit

Moonman sometimes possesses the body of Belo using it to troll the shout with the atrocious: "N WORD". Most people don't even care but some find it offensive, seeing that, moonman is now more careful with his trollings.It is belived he does this to smear belo in the elections.

On Youtube Edit

Moonman often makes raps with different themes and has his own youtube channel (warning: the wiki does not take responsibility about the content of the songs, if you are offended please refer to moonman himself)