The State Of Bellmaina is the state that roleplays tend to take place in. 

Bellmania flag

Flag of the Bellmainan State

The Leader is Generalissimo Isaac Bellman (Belo). It's prime minister is Rachel (serinai). it's capital is Bellman City (renamed Washington ,DC)


it was founded in 2015, out of the remains of the Prussian

Millennium Empire. It encompassed the former territory of the Former United States of America at first but had invaded Canada, which rumors say is where their secretary is from, on April 25 ,2015 and since annexed Cuba. it also controls Great Britain and Germany

It controls most of the world thru satellite states.

Map of Bellmania

Map of Bellmaina


  • Generalissimo of Bellmaina: Field Marshal Isaac Bellman
  • Prime Minister: Rachel Molnar
  • Director of the ATF: Cody Rockford
  • General of the Army: General Chase
  • Magistrate: Jorge Rodriguez
  • Bellman City Chief of Police: Dick Fiddler
  • Imperial District Attorney: Mike Rotch


everyone charged of a crime has a right to a fair trial, much like the United States before it. Justice tends to be swift and proper. unlike the former nation the bellmainian leader can overrule the court ruling and give his own punishment as there is no Supreme Court.

Recently convicted:

starbella: attempted murder sentence: year in prison Status: Served

David j hollow: indecent exposure and sexual indecently: prison 50 years (release jan 1 2016) then permanent parole. Banned from contacting boyfriends or girlfriends ex or not or get in any new relationships Status: Served

Anthony nerd: murder: execution by electricity Status: Executed

William Crouch- Indecent Exposure, political disobedience sentence: year in prison (gets out oct 14th 2015) sex offender listing. Status: Released



Bellmainan Soldiers on March

The Army of the Kingdom of Bellmaina consisting of the Air force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The military is one of the largest in the world at 7 million active and 3 million in reserve.


Cum socks

Cum socks ad

One of the most well known exports of Bellmania is Cum Socks, making up approximately 35% of the export industry. The main cash crop is marijuana,which is legal in the nation.