Prussian flag by fenn o manic-d3j9zsx

Prussian Flag

It existed from 1701 to 2015 it controlled north america, Europe, and Asia at it's pinnacle. It was defeated by the Bellmanians. It's biggest acheviment was killing president Obama.

Military Edit

The Army consisted of Nazi Vampires, that were rumored to be volunteer Waffen SS troops from the end of WWII. They also used V1 and V2 missiles along with 3 large Zeppelins. The Chief commander was Herr Major, who took orders from Schrodinger.


Herr Major

Nazi vampires

Nazi Vampires

U.S.A DestructionEdit

In 1701 The Prussian Empire was getting bigger and bigger by the minute,commanded by the Nazi Werecat Schrodinger, by abusing his immortal abilities he ruled the empire and attacked the U.S.A with it's Nazi Vampire army, it took about 312 years of constant battles until the US army decided to try to make an agreement with the Empire and join forces to make an unstopable aliance, the agreement was made and Schhrodinger signed it himself what Obama did not know was that Schrodinger wasn't a nice guy and killed Obama as soon as he could, gaining control over the U.S.A.

Bellmaina risesEdit

In 2015, two years after the great war's end,from the ashes of a defeated country,rose the legendary warriors of Bellmaina, they were unstopable and defeat the Prussian army effortlessly and created a new republic, the republic of Bellmaina which today is ruled by Issac Bellman, the legendary warriors of old dissapeared without leaving a trace behind as the new Bellmaina army rose, Schrodinger apparetely dissapeared but some think



that Bellman is in fact Schrodinger in disguise and some even claim to have seen Schrodinger in the new white house, Others think that Matheus is in fact Shrodinger which would explain him leaving Bellmaina and building a new kingdom, and other simply say he dissapeared to never come back,though these are just rumors.