The shoutbox is a instant message box used by by members to chat. This is where most of the site's activity happens. Most of the site's drama happens here as well. There is also a very active role-play community in the shoutbox.

Role Play

Role play is one of the most common activities on the shoutbox (if not the most) . Most roleplay consists of combat and people playing house. Primary sources for role play comes from the following but not limited to: -REDACTED-, Halo, Custom OCs, and modern military tactics and equipment. Roleplay is often used to resolve conflict.

Role Play Regulation

Role Play is highly regulated thru both Bellmainan Law and polices of the Council. The most serious rules include.

#1 No god modding, on pains of death and voiding of all RPS.

#2 The Couincil President regins Supreme

#3 Attempts to overthrow the council or admin staff shall be repressed

#4 No sex in the shoutbox, except giggity rapes

#5 No Anti-moonmen

#6 no attempts to take over the shoutbox

#7 no furries,wolves,foxes,vampires, or demons

#8 No Explicit Pornographic jokes or sexting

#9 The council president can exempt certain groups of members from any of the aforementioned rules and regulations.

Current Council Members

FDC RP Regulation Council President/Defender of the People/Commander of the Peacekeeping Corps: Belocity (permanent)

Veteran Councilman at Large: Swift

Veteran Councilwoman: Rose

Council Peacekeeper Trainiee: Royal_leader

Council Observer/Non-Voting Member: Devan

Council Observer/Non-Voting Member/FDC Champion: Alexa (Kadan)


Fighting seems to happen on a hourly basis in the shoutbox. The fighting can go on for hours. The fighting and bullying is usually stopped by groups of vigilantes, i.e Peoples' Defenders or Kreaturez.

Role Play Government

The city that role play tends to consist in has been called Bellman City by some members,mainly belo. It is the capital city of the Republic of Bellmania. its police department has been called corrupt and racist.

Notable Users

A list of users that are or were long-time members of the site. They were listed based on their overall morality and popularity among every other member, mainly based on their commentary and interactions within the Shout Box and the site itself:

Belocity (Belo)


Sora (various usernames){quit}

Patrick Joesph

Metta (various usernames, most recently known as "cat"){MIA}